“Get Paid $75 - $500 per hour for doing what you already do. Start a Social Media Management Business.”

 “This course walks you through the process, step-by-step, start to the money.” 

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  • ZERO-INVESTMENT: No Upfront Start-up Capital Needed lot of desires & wishes, but they just dream about it, talk about it, plan about it but do not act on it.  This is not because of lack of confident, experience or opportunity. (It is because they lack Purpose, Passion, Clarity, Focus and Guidance)

  • LESS-TIME: Doesn’t Require a Lot of Time they still believe in traditional business model  not ready to adopt Online business model & trends ( If you don’t plan this in right way, You are going to waste your money, time and energy without any tangible outcome in your business and soon out of your industry)

  • HI-DEMAND: Growing and In Demand Field All Advertising, Marketing & Sales Strategies.  But Most Of The Digital Marketing Know How To Use The Facebook or Other Advertising Platform. (You know about your business better than anyone, so you have a responsibility to understand & guide them about Your audiences, offer & Sales Copy)

  • REMOTE-WORK: Growing and In Demand Field All Advertising, Marketing & Sales Strategies.  But Most Of The Digital Marketing Know How To Use The Facebook or Other Advertising Platform. (You know about your business better than anyone, so you have a responsibility to understand & guide them about Your audiences, offer & Sales Copy)
  • Social Media Managers are In Demand

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    How Much Can You Earn


    Looking at the clock and realizing you’ve just spent an hour posting, commenting, and scrolling through social media when you wanted to get up early – we’ve all been there. It’s so easy to do.

    Lets say you start out charging a flat $2,000 per month

    You actually spend 10 hours per month per client.

    And to not take on too much (since it’s a side hustle to start), you only take on five clients

    You just added $10,000 per month!

    $120,000 PER YEAR with ONLY 5 CLIENTS!

    The beauty of being a social media manager is you can do as much or as little as you want.

    Only have a few hours to spare? No problem…you can easily do it as a side gig during evening or weekends. Stick with 1 client per month and make an extra $2,000.

    Let’s do an experiment. How many hours do you spend per week using social media – wishing you were doing something more productive?

    Convert those hours into $$$! This course will show you how.


    In 2021, 91.9 % of marketers in U.S. companies were expected to use social media. 71% of small to mid-size businesses use social media, with 53% of them posting daily.

    The demand never ends. Small business owners don’t have time to manage their social media – that gives you the opportunity to step in and make things easier.

    Social media lets companies sell their products and services, build up a loyal following, and engage their customers.

    Another challenge businesses face is knowing the RIGHT way to leverage social media. With the wrong strategy, their efforts bring no results.

    They waste money on Facebook ads that nobody clicks on. Post engagement is low. Their videos get no views.

    You can save them the hassle while lining your pockets with extra $$$$ every month.



    • Exactly how a social media management business works 
    • How to understand your client’s goals 
    • How to profile your client’s ideal customer
    • Your options for specializing in one social media platform vs. working with multiple
    • Social media management for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok
    • Social listening techniques
    • How to create all types of content from texts posts and blogs to images and videos
    • How to plan and schedule social media posts
    • Social media marketing techniques including influencer collaboration and click funnels
    • How to build engagement, trust, and awareness in your client’s audience
    • How to measure the success of social media marketing campaigns
    • How to brand and market your own social media management business
    • How to get clients 
    • How to scale your business
    • And more!

    For a head start you also get templates for click funnels, content calendars, customer profiles, client proposals, and your business plan, along with a checklist of tools and resources, for easy reference.

    Make your time on social media time well spent.

    *** Earlier this Program was conducted for 21days and now compressed to 5 Days ***

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